Principal Message



Dear Students


Human life is a wonderful gift given to each one of us by God. Those who attach great value to it , become great and enjoy this life. But others who don't value it- remain pessimistic. You are passing through a very important phase of life. Your bodies and minds are developing very fast. In order to keep your body in fine shape-you need to eat balanced food coupled with regular exercises. No junk food, please. And in order to keep your mind growing you need to think independently and divergently. Discuss new ideas germinating in your fertile minds with your teachers, parents and class fellows. Who knows-you can be  an other   Newton or James Watt?


We are lagging behind in keeping our surroundings neat & clean. In developed countries of the world-people pay great  attention  to it.  They don't litter. They don't spit, urinate or defecate in the open. You need to become the agents of change in our country which is endowed with boundless bounty of nature.


 Nobody else, except you, can uproot corruption from this country. Be honest in your actions & deeds. Honesty breeds fearlessness and fearlessness injects confidence to serve your motherland with devotion and commitment.

I have realized that students do not read their text books intensively. They start depending on easy and unauthenticated sources of reading .They need short cuts to success. Unfortunately most of the teachers also do not ensure that their students read the text books carefully. I strongly advise each one of you to read all your text books carefully. Do your home assignments regularly. Ask questions to your teachers without hesitation. Respect elders and love youngsters. And remember- hard work has no alternative.



 With best wishes

(Meenakshi Gupta)