Innovation and Experimentation (Give a suitable title with a link to give more insight into the work)

Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not

Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.


Learning fast calculation

Secondary classes

To overcome the inability of students to complete their question papers in the allotted time

Under process

Mrs. Chanderkanta TGT (Maths)


Identification of students as Lookers, Listeners & Kinesthetic.

XI & XII BIO Students.

Selection of suitable teaching techniques To improve performance of students in the exams

Yes, Students shown improvement in their result.

Mrs.Raminder Loth PGT (BIO)


Academic stress among students

Class IX

To reduce academic stress by providing suitable guidance.

Yes, project is Under process

Mrs. Raminder Loth PGT (BIO)


To make learning easier by way of �MNEMONICS

Secondary classes

To make learning interesting and easier


Mrs. Harinder Kaur(TGT Sc.)