The school has identified and maintained the specific infrastructure and equipments to support the educational and support processes. The responsibilities related to storage, safeguarding, installation, usage and maintenance activities are looked after by the heads of different departments. The associated risks regarding human security and hygiene are looked into by the members of the Safety and Security Committee of the school. The following infrastructure is available to support the educational and support processes, which meet the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements:

i)                 Physics laboratory

ii)                Chemistry laboratory

iii)               Biology Laboratory

iv)               Mathematics Laboratory

v)                Senior Computer Lab.

vi)               Junior Computer Lab.

vii)             E- Room equipped with LCD projector, Internet Facility, overhead projector and sound system, Interactive Board and   Visualizer

viii)            Drawing Room 

ix)                 SUPW Room

x)                   Music Room

xi)                                                    Primary Resource Room equipped with 10 computers, 1 printer, 1 T.V ,

1 Photo Copier.

other facilities

- Drinking water facilities

                                                -  Storage facility for drinking water

                                                - Toilet facilities

                                    - Canteen Facilities