1     Mrs Mahesh Kumari, PGT(Eng)  I/C ,
    Mrs. Nishi Kwatra   PRT I/C     
To conduct the CCA activities as per schedule.To ensure celebration of Important National/International days.To ensure proper conduct of Morning Assembly as per schedule within prescribed time.
2    Mr Raj Kumar, (PGT Hindi)
3    Mrs Ruchi Garg, (TGT ENG)
4    Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur (TGT ART)
5    Mr. Rampal, TGT(SKT)
6    Mrs. Vinita Sharma (PRT)
7    Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT)
1      Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI) I/C ,
     Mrs. Sanju Sundi (H.M.) I/C
To ensure that all correspondence received in Hindi is replied in Hindi.To help in implementing the Official Language.Spread awareness of Rajbhasha ,Celebration of Hindi Pakhwara, Debate/Quiz in Hindi, Rally, Regular Meeting. 
2       Mrs. Hemlata (TGT HINDI)
3       Mrs. Anju Dogra (TGT HINDI)
4       Mr. JK Pawar (TGT HINDI)
5       Mr. Rampal (TGT SKT)
6       Mrs. Shobha Sharma (PRT)
1      PGT Biology  I/C             To ensure maintenance of Vidyalaya Garden & surrounding of building.Proper Dry leaf management.Herbal garden.Proper care of pots/grass.Kitchen Garden Bird House/Bird watching
2      Mrs. Jatinder Kaur (PGT CHEM)
3       Mrs. Anju Dogra (TGT HINDI)
4        Mrs. Paramjeet (TGT AE)
5       Mrs. Rashmi (TGT SCI)
6        Mrs. Neena Rani Sharma(PRT)
7        Mr. Anil (PRT)
  Time Table 
1    Mrs. Navneet  I/C , 
   Mrs. Kavita Verma I/C
The copy of the time table shall be placed in the Office and Staff- room.To frame the Time- table and monitor the changes in the same. 
2    Mr. S.B. Maurya (TGT MATH)
3    Mr. Sanjay Kumar (TGT MATH)
4    Mrs. Vinita Sharma (PRT)
5    Mrs. Rajbrinder (PRT)
  Leave Arrangement
1    Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI)  I/C ,
   Mrs. Rajbrinder (PRT)
To ensure the necessary arrangement in the absence of the teachers.
The arrangement work shall be circulated timely by the committee and the same copy to be displayed on the Notice- Board .
2    Mrs. Sangeeta (LIBRARIAN)
3    Mrs. Paramjeet (TGT AE)
4    Mr. Ram Lal (PRT)
  Canteen Quality Control & Cleanliness 
1     Mrs.  Vandana Walia  I/C ,
    Mrs. Narinderjit Kaur (PRT) I/C
To ensure the cleanliness of Canteen inside & outside.To ensure sale of Hygienic items by the Canteen Contractor.To ensure the Medical fitness of person employed by the Canteen Contractor
2     Mr.S.B. Maurya (TGT MATHS)
3     Mrs. Meena Mittal (TGT SSC)
4     Mrs. Sangeeta (LIBRARIAN)
5     Mrs. Garima (TGT MATH), HM
6     Mrs. Kamlesh Bhatnagar (PRT)
7     MUSIC Teacher 
8     Ms. Alka (NURSE)
  Purchase Committee
1    Mrs.Mahesh Kumari (PGT ENG) I/C ,
   Mrs. Sanju Sundi(HM) I/C 

To co-ordinate all the purchases of the Vidyalaya.
To plan the purchases of all the departments as per budget provision 2018-19.
To ensure that proper records of the items purchased are being maintained.
2    Mrs. Renu (PGT PHY)
3    Mr. Anil Sandal (YOGA TEACHER) 
4    Mr. Rajesh Grover (TGT WET)
5    Mr. Rampal (TGT SKT)
6    Mrs. Nishi Kwatra(PRT)
7    Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT)
  Sports Committee
1    Mr. Hundal (TGT P&HE)    I/C ,
   Mrs. Narinderjit kaur (PRT) I/C           
To ensure that conduct of Sports Activities as per schedule.To ensure Maintenance of play field.
To ensure proper guidance to the students for sports & games.To ensure to provide Sports equipment to the students.
2    Mr. Anil Sandal (YOGA TEACHER)              
3    Sports Coach
4    Mr. Anil Kumar (PRT)
5    Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT)
6    Mr. Ram lal (PRT)
  Examination (INTERNAL)
1    Mrs. Renu Bala (PGT PHY)  I/C  ,
   Mrs. Shobha Sharma (PRT)     
To ensure the conduct of examination as per KVS instructions. To ensure to conduct the examination as per KVS Schedule.To ensure that all teachers should set the Question - Papers based on blue print and marking scheme to be submitted.
2    Mrs. Shaloo (PGT COMM)      
3    Mrs. Suman (TGT ENG)
4    Ms. Rajender(TGT SCI)
5    Mrs. Santwana (PRT)
6    Mr. Balbir (SUBSTAFF)
7    Mr. Dheeraj(SUBSTAFF)
  Examination (CBSE)
1    Mrs. Jatinder Kaur (PGT Chem) I/C               To conduct CBSE Exam as per CBSE guidelines.
To register the candidates with CBSE of Class IX to XII as per CBSE Schedule.
2    Mrs. Swati Bansal(PGT CS)
3    Mr. Anil Kumar (YOGA TEACHER)
4    Hemlata (TGT HINDI)
5    Mr. Kulwant (SUB STAFF)
6    Mr. Ramlal (SUB-STAFF)
1   Mr. S.B. Maurya (TGT MATHS)   I/C To conduct all other External Examinations smoothly.
2   Mrs. Swati Bansal (PGT CS)
3   Mr. Sanjay (TGT MATHS)
4   Mr. Vikram (PRT)
  Maintenance  &  Repair (BUILDING CIVIL)
1    Mr. Anil Kumar (TGT YOGA)   I/C      To ensure all the electric points are in working.
To ensure all the water points in working condition.
To ensure sufficient drinking water facility.
To ensure proper maintenance  of Classrooms &  other area of building
1   Mr. S.B. Maurya (TGT MATHS)
2   Mr. Rampal (TGT SKT)
1   Mr. Rajesh Grover (TGT WET)       I/C
2   Mr. Vijay Kumar (TGT ENG)  
3   Mr. Balbir (SUBSTAFF)
1   Mrs. Mandeep Kaur (PGT ECO)  I/C ,
  Mrs. Anjana Rana (PRT) I/C 
To ensure that the stock of Teaching aids is maintained.
To ensure that necessary teaching aids are being procured and maintained  for the Secondary and Primary wing.
2     Mrs. Meena Mittal (TGT SST)
3     Mrs. Balwinder Kaur (TGT SSC)
4     Mrs. Kavita Verma (PRT)
5     Mrs. Kavita Dhawan (PRT)
6     Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT)
1    Mrs. Vandana Walia (V.P)  I/C  ,
   Mrs Kamlesh Bhatnagar (PRT)  I/C 
2     Mr. H.S. Hundal (TGT PHE) To ensure that the students come to school in proper uniform.To minimize the late coming of the students in the Vidyalaya.To ensure that there is proper discipline in the students while coming in the morning assemlbly.To maintain the discipline by the students during recess.To maintain the record and submit to the undersigned.To submit the compliance report on the weekend to the undersigned.
3     Mrs. Jatinder (PGT CHEM)
4     Mr. Anil Kumar (YOGA TEACHER)
5     Mrs. Ruchi (TGT ENG)
6     Mrs. Hemlata (TGT HINDI)
7     Mrs. Neeru Attri (Counsellor) 
8     Mrs. Neena Rani Sharma (PRT)
9     Mr. Anil Kumar (PRT)
10     All Class Teachers 
  National Service Scheme
1     Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI) To ensure the conduct of NSS  activities during 2018-19 as per NSS guidelines.
2     Mr. Rampal (TGT SKT)
3     Mr. Anil Sandal (YOGA TEACHER) 
1     Mr. J.K. Pawar (TGT HINDI)       I/C ,
    Mrs.  Santwana Vashisht(PRT)
To ensure the registered Cubs, Bulbuls, Scouts & Guides for the session 2018-19.
To ensure the conduct of Scout & Guide activities during    2018-19 as per KVS guidelines.
2     Mr. Rajesh Grover (TGT WET)
3     Mrs. Hemlata (TGT HINDI)
4     Ms. Rajendar (TGT SCI)
5     Mr. Rampal (TGT SKT)
6     Mrs. Rajbrinder (PRT)
7     Mr. Ram Lal (PRT)
8     Mrs. Shobha Sharma(PRT)
9     Ms. Kavita Verma (PRT)
10     Mr. Vikram (PRT)
  Admission and Withdrawl Committee
1    Mrs. Mandeep Kaur (PGT ECO) I/C ,  
   Mrs. S.Sundi (H.M.)    I/C
To ensure the fresh admissions as per KVS guidelines during the session 2018- 19
To ensure the admission of Transfer cases as per KVS guidelines.
To ensure the admission details to be uploaded on the website of the Vidyalaya.
2     Mrs. Swati Bansal (PGT CS)
3     Mrs. Rashmi (TGT SCI)                       
4     Mrs. Sangeeta (LIBRARIAN)
5     Mrs. Rajbrinder (PRT)
6     Mrs. Neena Sharma (PRT)
7     Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT)
1     Mr. Rajesh Grover (TGT WET) I/C,
    Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT) I/C
To ensure that the P.A. System is maintained for the morning assembly and for all the important functions. 
2     Mr. Ram Lal (PRT)
3     Mr. Sher Singh (SUBSTAFF)
4     Mr. Balbir (SUB-STAFF)
1     TAGORE Mrs. Swati (PGT CS) To maintain display boards of houses.
To ensure participation in prayer activities,CCA and Sports activities.
2       ASHOKA  Mrs. Mandeep (PGT ECO)
3     SHIVA JI    Mrs.Jatinder Kaur (PGT CHEM)
4     RAMAN  Mrs. Navneet (PGT MATH)
1     Mrs. Swati Bansal (PGT CS) I/C To maintain the website of the Vidyalaya on day to day basis.
To plan for expansion and development of ICT facilities of the Vidyalaya.
2     Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI)
3     Computer Instructor 
1    Mr. S.B. Maurya (TGT MATHS)     I/C To take up the matter with the concerned authorities for having sufficient number of fire fighting equipments and to get them re-filled at the regular intervals from the authorized agency.
2    Mr. Anil Kumar (YOGA TEACHER)
3    Mr. Rajesh Grover (TGT WET)
4    Mr. Ram Lal (PRT)
1    Mrs. Paramjeet (TGT AE) Inculcating the values like integrity,patriotism, tolerance, secularism, simplicity, Honesty. Love, compassion, responsibility, respect, on Violence and Unity among children.
2    Mrs. Meena Mittal (TGT SST)
3    Ms. Rajender (TGT SCI)
4    Mrs. Hemlata (TGT HINDI)
5    Mr. Sanjay (TGT MATHS)
6    Mrs. Raj Brinder Kaur (PRT) I/C
7    Mrs. Narinderjeet Kaur (PRT)
8    Mrs. Vinita Sharma (PRT)
9    Mrs. Kamlesh Bhatnagar (PRT) 
1    Mrs. Rashmi (TGT SCI)      I/C ,
   Mrs. Kavita Dhawan (PRT)  
To provide Refreshments to the students and Guests during various events.To Coordinate the purchase, preparation and set up of refreshments, food, supplies,and any decorations for PTA events.To Check equipment, supplies and set up of hospitality arrangements.
2     Mrs. Suman Parsheera  (TGT ENG)
3     Mrs. Ruchi Garg (TGT ENG)
4     Mrs. Kamlesh Bhatnagar (PRT)
5     Mrs. Chandrawati (SUBSTAFF)
6     Mr. Dheeraj (SUBSTAFF)
1     Mrs. Paramjeet (TGT AE)      I/C  To ensure that Display Board materials should be changed from time to time .
2     All House Masters 
3     Mrs. Mahesh Kumari (PGT ENG)
4     Mrs. Anjana Rana (PRT)
5     Mrs. Narinderjit kaur (PRT)
6     Mrs. Santwana (PRT)
7     Mrs. Rama Negi (PRT)
8     Mrs. Kavita Verma (PRT)
1     Mrs. Neeru (COUNSELLOR),    
    Mrs. Mahesh Kumari (PGT ENG)      I/C
To ensure Career Guidance talk every week in the morning assembly.To ensure that the neccesarry guidance lectures are being arranged for the students.
To ensure that the guidance materials are being collected and displayed in a guidance corner in the Vidyalaya.
2     Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI)
3     Mrs. Nirupama Sharma (PRT)
4     Mr. Anil Kumar (PRT)
5     Mr. J.K. Pawar (TGT HINDI)
6     Mrs. Rashmi (TGT SCI)                       
1     Mrs. S. Sundi (H.M.) I/C To monitor the functioning of Schools and to prepare a School Development Plan.
To provide textbooks, uniforms, writing materials, special materials for children with disabilities, in order to reduce the burden of school expenses.
2     Mrs. Rashmi (TGT SCI)
3     Mrs. Raj Barinder (PRT)
4     Mrs. Shobha Sharma (PRT)
1      Mr. Rampal (TGT SKT)     I/C ,
     Mr. Ramlal (PRT) I/C
To maintain class wise inventory of the Vidyalaya.
To ensure that the requirement of Furniture for the Vidyalaya is presented in time and items procured.
2      Mr. Anil Kumar (YOGA TEACHER)
3      Mrs. Mahesh , 
4      Mrs. Renu 
5      Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT)
1      Ms. T.Rukmani Assistant Commissioner KVSROCHD  To redress the staff grievances.
To act sympathetically to reslove the problems of any member of the staff.
Iplementation of RTE. 
2     Mrs. Vanadana Walia Vice Principal
3      Mrs.Jatinder Kaur PGT Chemistry
4      Mr. J.K. Pawar (TGT HINDI)
5      Mrs. Neeru (COUNSELLOR)
1      Mrs. Jatinder    I/C ,
     Mrs. Shobha Sharma (PRT) I/C
To prepare a schedule of PTA.
To arrange and co-ordinate the parent teacher meeting.
To maintain the records related to the parent teacher meeting.
2     Mrs. Renu Bala (PGT PHY)
3     Mrs. Kavita Verma (PRT)
1      Mrs. Mahesh Kumari I/C,
     Mrs. Nishi Kwatra (PRT) I/C
To keep a collection of photographs handy for publication in the Vidyalaya Patrika.
To make children prepare articles for the Vidyalaya Patrika.
2      Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI)
3      Mrs. Paramjeet (TGT AE)
4      Mr. Rampal (TGT SKT)
5      Mrs. Shobha Sharma (PRT)
  Library Committee
1      Mrs. Sangeeta  (LIBRARIAN)    I/C ,
     Mrs. Rama Negi (PRT) I/C
To ensure the issue of the books to the students as per KVS guidelines.
To ensure the issue of the books to the teachers as per KVS guidelines.
To purchase the books of English & Hindi  in ratio as per KVS guidelines
To ensure the purchase of text books as per CBSE syllabus.
To Computerize the Library
2      Mrs. Jatinder (PGT Chem)
3      Mrs. Mahesh Kumari (PGT ENG)
4      Mrs. Mandeep Kaur (PGT ECO)
5      Mrs. Swati Bansal (PGT CS)
6      Mrs. Navneet Kaur (PGT MATHS)
7      Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI)
8     Mr. Balbir (SUBSTAFF)
9      School Captain 
10      Mrs. Narinderjit kaur PRT)
11      All Class tecahers 
  Mrs. Nirupama Sharma (PRT) I/C
To ensure the conduct of the adventure activities during the session 2018-19.
To ensure the conduct of the excursion activities during the session 2018-19.
5   Mr. Anil Kumar (PRT)
6   Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT)
7   Mrs. Kavita Dhawan (PRT)
1  Mrs Navneet Kaur , PGT Maths I/C To ensure the conduct of all the Olympiads as per schedule and with maximum participation of students.
2  Cyber Mr Swati Bansal (PGT Comp. Sc )
3  Science      Mrs Renu Bala, PGT Physics
4  English        Mrs. Suman, PGT English
5  NTSE  Mrs Jatinder Kaur, PGTChemistry
6  KVS  Olympiads Mr.S.B.Maurya,TGT Math
1      Mrs. Renu (PGT PHY)          I/C To conduct the Parent Teacher Meeting as per KVS guidelines and also keep the record in all respects.
2     Mrs. Shaloo (PGT COMM)      
3     Mrs. Anju Dogra (TGT HINDI)
4     Mrs. Ruchi (TGT ENG)
  Advisory  Board
1     Mrs. Vandana Walia (V.P)       I/C To take important decisions wherever required for the welfare of students.
2      Mrs. Mahesh (PGT ENG)
3     Mrs. Renu (PGT PHY)
4     Mrs. Suman (PGT ENG)
   Eco Club To spread awareness  among the students  ‘Go Green’.
1     Mrs. Rajender (TGT SCI)         I/C    
2     Mrs. Jatinder (PGT Chem)
3     Mrs. Rashmi (TGT SCI)
   Social Science Club  
1      Mrs. Mandeep (PGT ECO)
2     Mrs. Meena Mittal (TGT)
3     Mrs. Balwinder (TGT)
4     TGT S.SC
5    Music Teacher
6   Mrs. Paramjeet (TGT AE)
  Medical Checkup/ First Aid
  Mr. Rajesh Grover (TGT WE) I/C
1  Mrs. Gurvinder Kaur (DOCTOR) I/C
 Mrs. Rama Negi (PRT)
To ensure that Medical checkup is going in a proper way and in acute cases, the parents are informed.
To provide the first aid facility to the students.
2    Ms. Alka (NURSE)
3    Ms. Rajender Kaur (TGT)
4    Mr. H.S. Hundal (TGT PHY.EDU)
5    Mrs. Anjana Rana (PRT)
6    Mrs. Narinderjit Kaur (PRT)
1   Mrs. Nirupama Sharma (PRT) I/C  To prepare students to perform in various functions.
2   Music Teacher 
3   Mrs. Santwana (PRT)
4   Mrs. Vinita Sharma (PRT)
  Online Fee on UBI Portal
1   Mrs. Swati Bansal (PGT CS) Uploading of Student Data on UBI Portal.
Verification of details.
Generation of Fee Challans.
1   Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI) To keep Record of Alumni and Meetings of Alumni Association.
To keep record of admission of students in prestigious institutions.
2   Mrs. Mahesh Kumari (PGT ENG)
  PressMedia and Publication 
1   Mrs. Mahesh Kumari  (PGT ENG) I/C 
  Mrs. Nishi Kwatra (PRT)
Responsible for writing and sending press notes to media. 
2    Mr. Raj Kumar (PGT HINDI)
3    Mr. J.K. Pawar (TGT HINDI)
1    Mr. Rajesh Grover (TGT WET) I/C ,
   Mr. Vikram Kumar (PRT)
Responsible for clicking photographs of different events in the Vidyalaya.
Storage of photographs.
2     Mr. Sanjay (TGT MATHS)
3     Mrs. Paramjeet (TGT AE)
4     Mrs . Santwana (PRT)
  Cleanliness Duty
  Incharge - Mr. Rajesh Grover
1 Maintenance of Staff Room:       Mrs Mahesh Kumari , Mrs Ruchi Garg  
2 Labs/Depts.               All stock Holders are responsible for cleanliness  
3 Lawns & Gardens         Beautification Committee  
4 Play Ground   Mr. H.S. Hundal  &      Mr. Anil Kumar Sandal, (Yoga Teacher) , Ms. Simar   
5 Furniture store              Furniture In charge  
6 Class Teacher             For respective Classes  
7 Primary Wing Mrs.Kamlesh I/C ,Mrs. Kavita Verma,Mrs.Narinderjit Kaur,Mr. Anil kumar   
8 Ground Floor Senior Wing      Mrs. Anju Dogra, Sh. H.S. Hundal   
9  Mrs  Jatinder Kaur, PGT Chem                
10 First Floor Senior Wing         Mr. S.B. Maurya , Mrs. Meena Mittal