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1 ruchika hooda 12 2011 pursing ggs cmt
2 ruchika hooda 12 2011 pursing ggs cmt
3 ruchika hooda 12 2011 pursing ggs cmt
4 arjun singh 10th 2009 B.E. anna university anna university
5 Dhananjay Nautiyal VIII 1989 MSc Directorate, ICDS, Uttarakhand
6 Vijay Kumar Meena Xth 1996 B.E. CSIO, Chandigarh CSIO, Chandigarh
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8 Renata qSMQzBIWic tyOPWZVUqRtHzrF LmYhUcfhPWKAYWwO advuKftTbzxgAOIQH hey steve i'm a fellow OSPer but also a blog ktalser of yours i was at the seminar yesterday as well but i didnt get the chance to introduce myself as I headed out a bit before the final chat started (during happy hour) i had a 2 hour drive back to Boston hopefully i'll catch up with you the next time theres a seminar like this it was such a great experience! loved your first dance' too!! haha hope today finds you well blessings, Keri